Please help us collect tokens for the Echo’s Wish Campaign

Who gets the Echo?  Or knows someone who gets the Echo?  Or runs a shop or business/ knows someone who runs a shop or business or similar where people may come who get the Echo?  Ok, you get the idea.


Full Circle has been chosen as one of the community groups to take part in the Echo’s Wish Campaign – all getting a share of £25,000.  All we need to do is collect as many tokens as possible to raise funds for the group….


Tokens will be in the paper from Weds 3rd October to 17th Nov.  All you need to do is collect them while the campaign runs and then at the end either drop them in to group or we will collect them from you.  Email us if you can help.  It would be great for the group to get some extra money in to help pay for our running costs and hopefully get some new foam squares for the children.  Even if it’s just one token we would love to have it!!


We have a supply of posters and collection books.  If you can display a poster or are a regular Echo reader and could fill a collection book please please please do it!!!




For more about the Wish Campaign visit



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