Visit from local chiropractor Rachael Lewis

Was great to see so many full circlers there yesterday for the session with Rachael Lewis from Precision Chiropractic.

Look at our fantastic posture!
Look at our fantastic posture!

I hope everyone enjoyed Rachael’s talk, which I thought was very informative and useful – particularly as she spoke mainly about keeping our spines (and therefore our bodies) healthy during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, rather than just spinal issues generally.  I know quite a few of you had a chat with her about issues before she left too 🙂

The handouts and stretches were useful and I will laminate and keep a copy in our info sheet box for anyone who couldn’t make the session but would like a look.

If you would like to book a session with Rachael she is offering Full Circle members 50% off their consultation, making it a very reasonable £22.50.  Her contact info is on the Precision Chiropractic website.

Next week is drink, snack and chat plus the sling library will be making its regular monthly visit.  See you there!


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