New website and online forum for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding offers benefits for both mother ...


Hi all! Just to let you know La Leche League GB (the breastfeeding charity which does most of our fab info sheets in the pink file in group) has relaunched their website. It’s got LOADS of handy links on there and also a mother-to-mother forum, which might be a bit quiet at first as it’s only just gone up, but will soon be a great place to ask and get answers on all breastfeeding topics. Particularly useful as many leaders (fully-trained breastfeeding counsellors) will be on there sharing their wisdom.


Perfect for those Facebook avoiders among us 🙂

Here’s the info they sent this morning…

La Leche League GB announces a new arrival…..

After many months of care and nourishment to ensure optimal growth and outcome, combined with consulting with those who were able to offer helpful information, LLLGB is proud to announce the birth of its new website.

LLL Leader Louise Bibbings has had overall responsibility for bringing this new being to fruition, ably supported by a small but dedicated team. At times it hasn’t seemed obvious to the outside observer that anything much has been happening, but, thanks to a lot of internal activity, the site has quietly been developing. Now it’s time to share the end result with everyone.

How to find our website

Go to

What will you find there?

• Information about La Leche League GB
• List of local LLLGB Groups with a postcode search function
• Suggestions of different ways to access breastfeeding support from LLLGB
• How to become an LLLGB member
• Breastfeeding Matters page with taster articles to read
• Link to LLLGB Shop and information about LLLGB Leaflets
• Up-to-the date news items
• Mother-to-mother forums
• Contact form for different parts of LLLGB
• Leader only section with useful LLLGB documents to download.

How to access and use the different functions

We hope our website will provide up-to-date news, support and information to mothers; in particular the new mother-to-mother forums. Mothers accessing the forums will need to create user logins for themselves.

We look forward to you visiting our new arrival and hope you will quickly feel at home. The early days of a new arrival are often a learning curve and sometimes unpredictable difficulties arise. This website had to arrive a little earlier than expected and time and experience will enable any problems to be resolved. If you have any further questions or need specific help use the website enquiries contact form.



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