Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

English: lactancia, breastfeeding
English: lactancia, breastfeeding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi everyone! Thanks again for taking part in today’s discussion about breastfeeding and returning to work. We covered a lot of aspects, so if you missed any parts of the discussion or want further information, we will be posting the relevant resources below. If you have further questions or are having trouble discussing your requirements with your employer, let us know and we can signpost you to further information and support.

This ABM leaflet provides a great overview, and we have the hard copy in our leaflet box at group: 

This Welsh Government page is aimed at employers, but sets out their legal obligations and what facilities they should provide, so is useful to refer to if your employer does not have a lot of breastfeeding mothers currently, or if you are in the process of drafting your letter requesting b/f facilities and breaks:

This WG page is aimed at employees, and is very similar to the leaflet that should be made available to b/f mums (although a lot of you hadn’t seen it before). Again, we have copies at group available:;jsessionid=9ED317F563C80242ED267127703CCD09?lang=en

We also discussed this bfn leaflet on expressing and storing breastmilk. You can tear/ cut out the small section on storing milk and give that section to your childminder/ nursery/ care giver, especially if they are not used to handling breastmilk. Also consider what would be best for your baby – cup, beaker, etc.


If you have any more useful links or info/ experiences to share about breastfeeding and returning to work please do post them below 🙂





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