Full Circle Meetings

We meet in Caerphilly Library every Tuesday from 12:45 – 2:45pm, but you are welcome to drop in and stay for however long you want between these times (we know it isn’t always easy to be up and out for a set time with a little one). The library technically “closes” between 1 and 2pm, so if you arrive between those times you just need to mention to the staff that you are coming up to the breastfeeding group on the 2nd floor and move the cordon placed in front of the lift.

The group is led by experienced breastfeeding mums. 

We have a circle of chairs, with toys and playmats available in the centre if you want to put your baby down somewhere safe.  We also have some toys available for older children (who are always welcome whether they are still being breastfed or not).  We have a library of books, DVDs and information leaflets related to birth, breastfeeding and parenting available for people to borrow.  We provide tea (including herbal), coffee and usually biscuits or cakes plus a more healthy snack, such as fruit.

Meetings are informal and relaxed, focusing on any breastfeeding issues which the mums want to talk about, though we do also have a themed meeting on the first Tuesday of each month where we will talk about a topic such as introducing solid foods, family life with a new baby, overcoming specific breastfeeding problems etc.

We feel this gives us a good balance between friendly chat (pretty much like most mother and baby/toddler groups) and a chance to talk about issues which affect breastfeeding mums specifically and other related issues such as weaning, loving guidance and nutrition.

It is free to attend the group, although we do keep a donation box on the refreshments table and welcome any donations towards our running costs.

Pregnant women are always welcome and we highly recommend coming while you are pregnant.  Support groups, depending on where they are held and who is running them, can differ quite widely in their vibe.  It’s good try to find one (or more) which is a good fit for you before you have your baby.

How to find us

Full Circle meetings are held on the top floor of the library in Caerphilly town centre (opposite the Castle and adjacent to the Twyn Community Centre, where we used to meet).  We chose the venue as it is centrally located and easy to get to by car, bus and train.

Arriving by bus/ train: walk along station terrace towards the conservative club (away from the town centre).  Down the hill (White St).  The library is on the corner opposite the Wheatsheaf Pub.

Arriving by car: There is a pay&display carpark near to the library. The machine often doesn’t have change, and please make sure you pay for enough time as they are very on the ball with fining people who stay even just a few minutes longer than they have paid for.  You can park for free in Morrison’s car park (for three hours) which is a 5 minute walk, through the Castle Court shopping precinct and up the hill to the community centre.  You can also park for free in the streets around the town centre but most areas are limited to 1 hour only. There is also a very large car park off crescent road, around the back of the castle, which is only a 5/10 minute walk to the library.

When you get to the library you will find us in the meeting room on the top (second) floor. There is a lift, or if you’re feeling brave, you can take the stairs.

Pushchairs: If you bring a pushchair to group please either park it in the teenage room on the ground floor or in the stair well. If you need to bring it all the way up to the meeting you will have to leave it outside the room as there isn’t enough space to park up inside.

See you there!