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Last week to collect Echo Wish Tokens for Full Circle

Flag of Wales

Flag of Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the last week you can collect tokens for WISH ’12! Thank you to everyone who has been collecting them for Full Circle.  It means we will get a share of the £25,000 good causes pot and enable us to buy some much needed new toys and foam squares for the little ones to play with.  I just had this reminder email from Victoria at the Echo…

In tomorrows Echo (Wednesday 14th November) we will be printing our final round of BONUS TOKENS!!
This is the last time there will be an extra 20 tokens up for grabs so don’t miss it!
The very last Wish tokens will be printed in Saturdays Echo. You then need to collect all your token booklets and sheets together, whether full or partially complete, ready for counting.
Once you have collated all your tokens, complete the final entry form, indicating the total number of tokens you have collected and submit to us by 5pm on Monday 7 January 2013. You will then be allocated your share of the Wish prize pot, according to the number of tokens you have submitted. The higher percentage of tokens you have, the higher percentage of the prize pot your group will receive. The results will be announced in a special supplement in the South Wales Echo in January 2013. You will then be sent a cheque for the final amount.
Good luck!

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2012

Breastfeeding symbol

Every year in the UK we have National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, generally held in the last week of June (this year it is 24th-30th).  The government withdrew funding for this event a couple of years ago but many breastfeeding support groups and other public health and breastfeeding organisations still put on events.  The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers have a page where people can post things that are happening in their local area.

Full Circle Breastfeeding Support are collaborating with Latch On and other mum-to-mum support groups in the South Wales area to create breastfeeding walls of love featuring contributions from people who love breastfeeding and their reason/s why.  These displays are then going to be taken around prominent venues in the local community raising awareness and spreading the love.  We think it’s a lovely idea but to make it really effective we want as many contributions as possible.

All you have to do to take part is complete this sentence “I ❤ (I mean heart but I can’t do it properly on here sorry) breastfeeding … “

We have already received some gorgeous ones including one from a dad of a breastfed baby who wasn’t keen on breastfeeding at first and one from a mum whose premature baby was seriously ill and donated breastmilk saved his life.  We have also had pictures and other innovative responses.  Please feel free to be as creative or as straight-to-the point as you like.  All submissions will be gratefully received.

I will post photographs of the walls of love during BAW.

All you need to do it post your responses in the comments section below or via twitter @patchwork_mama.

Thank you!!!!!!!

* ALSO for all of you breastfeeding lovers in the South Wales area (or further afield if you fancy a road trip) there is going to be a breastfeeding morning picnic and mass feed (babies permitting) in RoathPark, Cardiff (by the rose garden or in the cafe if it rains) at 10am on Sunday 24th of June.  Look for the Full Circle and Latch On banners (and hopefully the hoardes of people). The walls of love will be on display too and you can add to them in person.  It would be great to get as many people as possible there so feel free to spread the word.